Operating principle

The AUTOBLOCK is an automatic truck blockage system. It was conceived to reinforce people’s safety by limiting risks of accidents that generally occur during transhipment operations.

The AUTOBLOCK allows the operator to block the vehicle at dock before the transhipment begins, and to release the vehicle once the transhipment is complete by simply pressing push buttons on the control cabinet.

A signalization system by two-tone lights (for the driver) and by LED lights (for the operator) enables a simplified usage for each participant.


The AUTOBLOCK has many benefits that allow it to distinguish itself from other systems that currently exist:

  • The AUTOBLOCK automatically releases the vehicle, even if the wheel is maintaining pressure on the wheel-stop cylinder.
  • If, during transhipment, the vehicles brakes are out of service (technical problem or brakes released), once the operator chooses to release the truck, the AUTOBLOCK automatically detects the vehicles progress and will not let it go (until it is correctly braked).
  • The drivers do not require any particular instructions for the docking procedure. Green light: possibility to dock the vehicle. Red light: forbidden to leave (loading/unloading in progress).

The AUTOBLOCK incorporates:

  • Door position sensor.
  • Dock position sensor.
  • Dry contact relays for door and dock blockage.
  • Alarm beeper.
  • Exterior signalization lights and interior LED lights.
  • Maintenance key.

These devices allow the AUTOBLOCK to respond to the ED 6059 recommendation.